Saturday, December 11, 2010


I swore I wouldn't do any bump pictures, but I guess maybe I'll want a few for posterity. I'll probably just offer up one each trimester. I'm already behind, since I'm now two weeks into my second. So here's the bump at a little over 14 weeks! (It's in my work out clothes cause that's when it's the most apparent)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank You Notes

Dear Peak ENT,
Thank you for my very generous Christmas bonus. I like working for you.

Dear New York,
Thank you for existing so we can visit you in February (yes, we have decided to come see you). But please warm up a tiny little bit before we get there, and have a delicious cupcake and a good Broadway show ready for our arrival.

Dear Aust,
Thank you for rubbing the cramp out of my left foot last night, even though I was being really whiny. And for always letting me watch both hours of Biggest Loser. And for bringing me cold water in my favorite "S" cup all the time. And thanks for insisting that I don't look pregnant at all yet.

Dear Corolla,
I just love you. Please don't ever die. You are so cute and are so nice to me when I have to drive a lot for work.

Dear J,
Thanks for always wanting to hang out with me and seeing movies with me that no one else will want to see. And I'll always say thanks for sharing Jam at the Adelaide in London with me. Best ever.

Dear Pandora,
My Coldplay station has been divine today. Thank you for being so intuitive about exactly what I need to hear.

Dear Utah,
Thank you for not snowing very much at all this year. And for even being kind of warm.

Dear Baby,
Thank you for not giving me any morning sickness at all. You are already so well-behaved. And happy 14th week Birthday today. We'll see you in just 26 more! =)

Dear Sis,
Thanks for being my BFF since birth. And for always giving me good hair.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last night Siara and I were reminiscing about some people of our past and couldn't remember someone's name, so we dug into my hope chest to find a middle school yearbook to solve the dilemma.

During the rummaging I unearthed my many journals that I've kept over the years. When I say many I mean like 12 full books. I was a pretty avid record keeper in my days. We couldn't resist, and cracked open a few to hear what I had to say. The high school ones are undoubtedly hilarious. Page after page of I love this boy, no it's that boy, I'm so mad at this friend, I love my friends so much I would die without them, my family doesn't understand me, I never want to leave home I love my family so much. You know. Average teenage woes.

But the real gem is from 1992, barely 5 year old Shanna, not even in Kindergarten yet and my mom would dictate whatever I asked her to write for me. Within a year or two that journal morphed into me writing by myself, and that's where the quotes really get just unbelievable. So I'll share a few excerpts in the blog here for all to enjoy. And just to bear my witness of the joy of keeping journals!

March 24, 1992
"I was mad because I wanted to color in the book Siara had-even though she gave me a new one to color in myself. So Mom swatted my bottom and had me to go my room and think about being thankful for what I have."

I think my mom may have taken some liberties with that entry. And also the one where she wrote on February 19, 1993 "I pouted and cried all morning because I got up too early and I was grumpy." hahaha

Thank you for keeping my records accurate, Mom. =)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Public Poll

Austin and I are considering a little trip to New York in February over Valentine's Day. I know, as Jess said, "So Sleepless in Seattle"! We wanted to take another trip before baby comes, and we've both always wanted to go to New York. Plane tickets are pretty inexpensive, and we found a good deal on a hotel.
Our moral dilemma is obviously that we are about to have a baby, and should we spend the money? We think it would be worthwhile and a big stress relief to be able to go somewhere like that for a weekend. But then our financially responsible side tells us to just put more money away for the babes.

So we need you to help us decide.

What do you think??