Monday, December 17, 2007

The In Crowd

Oh my how lucky I feel to be an official blogger on the vast and wonderful world wide web. I would just like to say that I have a history of copying EXACTLY what my older sister Siara does, and creating a blog is just an extension of such a habit. Hope you don't mind, darling. If we don't have traditions, we don't have anything, right?
First, a little bit about me, just as a preface to the many frighteningly intimate details you will soon receive on my daily comings and goings. I am a 21 year old woman, living in Orem, Utah with my lovely sister and best friend. This was a recent relocation, and possibly the best decision we have ever made (Refer to Siara's blog for details). There are only three finals between me and my undergraduate degree from BYU, in Sociology and English. Why Sociology? Because I was rejected from the Social Work program and Sociology is an open major. And that is the last time I will speak of that event in my life. I died that day. I am engaged to my wonderful love Austin William Keaton, and will be getting married for time and eternity in April.
I grew up in Camas Washington and will forever and always be a Northwest girl. London is my favorite city on this earth, but Portland takes a close second. I am an avid bike rider, and Electra is the Gale sister's model of choice. Buy one. It will change your life. I love kittens, and openly plan on being a weird cat lady with my sister at a later age. Like 26. I do the finances for an entrepreneurial company, a job I am completely unqualified for. But you should sign up for the website (I write on the blog there too) and I win a prize if enough people sign up for it. So GO. Any other insights into my so-called life will surely be revealed later. Stay tuned, folks.