Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted anything, and I'll update soon! But I just have to give a little rant about how hard it is for me to understand why people can't seem to take responsibility for themselves. At work lately there has been one girl who continually calls in sick, comes in late, leaves early, and just in general doesn't do her job. If you are hired somewhere, you are made aware of your job duties. And getting paid to just sit around and not fulfill those duties is dishonest, irresponsible, and unfair to the other people you work with who are picking up your slack. In the end, I can only take accountability for myself, and hope that people like this will be held to a higher standard at some point in their lives. But for now, it's causing unnecessary stress and frustration for everyone at work, and I'm hoping it comes to an end soon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Strait and Narrow

I've been having a lot of pressure in between my eyes and sinuses and in my head lately. The convenience of such symptoms is that I can have them diagnosed at work! So I had Marcy give me a Maxiofacial CT scan. Fortunately, the images don't show any sinusitis. But what they did reveal is what the doctor that read my scan referred to as "a massive deviated septum". Followed by the question, "can you breathe okay?!" Of course I said yes, but maybe I just don't know anything different!! So for your diagnostic imaging lesson of the day, here are a few films of my crooked nose.

If you look at the two sections where the swirly things are in the middle, those are the two sides of my nasal cavity. Just note that the cavity on the left is much bigger than the one on the right.

Here's where you can see the actual septum. It's that line that's running right down the middle of my nasal cavity.

Here's what that line is supposed to look like, straight up and down, with equal cavities on each side.
And here's what MINE does...

Surgery anyone?
I guess we'll see.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Name Dropping

It's official! I'm a Keaton. I say it's official now because I got my real license and Social Security card in the mail. A couple of weeks ago is when I spent almost an entire day trying to get through all the preliminaries and logistics. The social security office was my own personal form of purgatory, considering how much I hate Social Security/Medicare anyway. When I got there 20 minutes before it opened, there was already a line of no less than 12 elderly people outside the door. So I stood in the 20 degree weather for what I thought would be 20 minutes, but NO, they didn't open until 9 that day instead of 8. I left that office at 10:45, yes, I waited over 3 hours, and headed to the DMV.

Turns out the DMV in Provo does not do licensing, but I needed to change my registration as well. But they wouldn't change my registration until I change my car title, and I have to change my license first to do all that.

So they sent me all the way to Northwest Orem to the Driver's License division, where I had to show 3 items that proved my Utah state residency. Then I had to pay $30. And then I had to take the written test, because my previous license was from Washington, and to get a Utah license you have to take it again. So then I go to get my picture, and it's horrendous of course. And being the girl I am, the guy let me re-take it THREE times! But then when I signed my name, I of course accidentally signed GALE instead of KEATON. We had to re-run the whole thing so I could sign it again.

But in the end, it's all worth it. I am officially Shanna Marie Keaton. And yes, I kept my middle name and not my last initial or whatever is proper. Because I love my middle name! The two big things are done, but here's what's still left to change...

Car Title
BYU Alumni file
W-2 at work
UHEEA student loan
Hospital access login
Car insurance
Health insurance
Health savings account
Credit card
Bank accounts
Lease agreement
School registration

And probably more stuff I haven't even thought of! I hope everyone on the Keaton side can appreciate my dedication to the family! =)

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's not goodbye, it's see ya later!

One of the dearest people in my life moved away yesterday. I could have written a more emotionally out of control blog amidst my tears when I got back to work, but I thought I should get it under control first. Mostly I just want this amazing girl to know how much I'm going to miss her. She's going on the most incredible adventure that I will admit I am extremely jealous of. New York is so lucky to get her. So Jess, now I Love New York, but only because you're in it.