Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weather Patterns

A couple days ago I came into the family room to find a puddle of water on the ottoman/toy box and Mason's cup nearby. The following conversation occurred:

Me: "Mason, did you spill some water?"

Mason: "Umm, no."

Me: "Oh, then how did the toy box get wet?"

Mason: (looks up at the ceiling and puts both hands out)
"It's rainin'."

Can't argue with that.

Monday, July 29, 2013

1/3 of a year

Little Miss Miriam is 4 months old today! Can you believe it?! I can't believe it. She has changed so much in just the past few weeks. Her little personality gets cuter and cuter every day.

She smiles constantly, and is starting to laugh more. Pretty much anything silly Mason does will really get her cracking up. She loves to watch him and he catches her attention more than anything else.

Her little jungle gym has started to keep her entertained, she loves looking in the mirror and reaching for her toys.

She is a saint in the sleep department. We had almost two whole weeks of 10-12 hour stretches every night. Then she got a cold and we've regressed a little, but I'm still better rested than I could ever hope to be with a 4 month old! What a blessing.

We haven't had her official check up yet, but I weighed her at home a couple days ago and she was right at 16 pounds. She is getting so long too. She's pretty much in 6 month clothes, especially in the pants. Those chubby thighs need extra room to breathe! =)

She is so beautiful and cheerful and easy going. We couldn't ask for a more perfect and wonderful addition to our little family!

Happy little sleeper

Mason loves to read to her...he just thinks she's blind, I guess.

Every morning...

At the ward 4th of July breakfast

Looooves her fingers

Camoflauge Miriam

And for a little comparison....Mason at 4 months. Any doubt that they're siblings?? =)



Friday, July 12, 2013

The big 2!

Ohh my woefully neglected blog. I don't really have an excuse/apology...so let's just get to today's post!

Our little man turned two last month!! On June 11. Time really does fly and he is so grown up now. We had an airplane themed birthday party for him and he was SO excited about everyone who came to celebrate with him! We even had my family on Google Hangout to sing Happy Birthday. I am so grateful that our sweet boy has so many people who love him, we are so blessed.

Austin's Mom did the cake and cupcakes. They were absolutely darling!!

Rockin' the big boy swing now!

Is he excited, or is he excited??

Family from Utah, Connecticut, and New Jersey joined in on the Birthday song! Mason was a total ham, he loves the attention.

He knew just what to do with that cupcake...

And when a cupcake just isn't enough...

Airplane cookie favors

Favor bags

Me and my squirrely little boy.

Miss Miriam finally woke up to join the fun.

Launching his Birthday balloons, one for each year!

He finally crashed around 4 pm, and slept until 6 the next morning! He's a party animal.

He couldn't wait to ride his big boy bike after church the next day.

Happy Birthday, Mason. We are so grateful for the last two years!