Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bump It....Again

Here's a halfway shot for all ya'll. It's actually a couple weeks late, but you get the picture! Don't mind how messy the living room is. Or how wretchedly tired I look. That pretty much gives you the general picture of what I look like every day though. =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A moderately sappy post

I've never been one of those girls who publicly praises and adores my husband. I love him, no doubt about that. And it's not like I don't hold his hand or show affection in public or something. It's just that I've never like gotten up in sacrament meeting and went on and on about how wonderful he is, or written hyperbolic facebook statuses like "Shanna Gale Keaton has the best husband ever! Isn't being married the best?!" That kind of thing is just not my style. It's like when people say "my baby is cuter than yours". Of course you think your baby is cuter. Everyone thinks their own baby is the cutest. It would be sad if you thought your baby was uglier than other babies. There's nothing wrong with thinking that, it's just not something I always find the need to brag about or say.

But I think Austin deserves a post dedicated to how wonderful he is.

Obviously I think he's wonderful, we have been married for almost three years and we are about to have a darling baby boy together. It's just that over the last few months I have felt so beyond blessed that I get to spend every day with him, and have been looking forward even more to starting a family together. Here's just a few reasons why I feel so lucky to be married to this guy.

A couple of weeks ago I came home from work and he had cleaned out everything I don't want to clean. The outside storage shed, the basement, the junk closet. All of it. Cleaned, boxed, organized, and moved to the appropriate area for long-term storage. The best part of this is that most of his work cleared space in what will be the nursery, making us both feel more ready to have this baby.

And when we came back from Christmas break I didn't feel well after the flight, so he unpacked our suitcases, did the laundry, shoveled the driveway of the two feet of snow that had fallen, and then came inside and made dinner.

When we built the crib the other night I was dumb and took all the pieces to the living room so that I could watch TV while we did it, and then it wouldn't fit down the hallway into the nursery. Exactly as Austin had predicted that it wouldn't. And even though he had warned me, he didn't say I told you so, he patiently took the crib apart until it was small enough to turn the corner and fit in the bedroom. And then put it back together again.

Last week he came to my work and switched our cars, then took mine and changed the oil and the air filter and filled my wiper fluid which I use much too liberally during the winter.

Then today when I texted him because my morning was foreboding of an awful day ahead, he said that when I got home I should just take a bath and then he would rub my feet for me. Something I used to hate until I got pregnant, and now he rubs my feet every night before bed.

And later today when I got home he had taken my watch to get a new battery put in because it's been dead for months now. And when I climbed into bed he had put the heating pad down by where my feet would be to warm it up for me.

Every day he finds small ways to show me that he's thinking about me and that he loves me. And those things end up being the most important and meaningful.

So there's my brag post about my husband. Basically I'm just really lucky.

What things do you love about your husband??

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby's First Photo Shoot

Here are some still shots from the ultrasound yesterday! I still can't believe how amazing it is to actually see him in there.

This one is my favorite, look at that little hand.

A darling little profile

And's definitely a boy!

The best part is that everything is healthy. I can't even believe how many things can go wrong, and how miraculous it is that they all go right so often. Heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, spine, diaphragm, all normal and healthy. That adds up to a healthy little baby boy that we get to meet in just 21 more weeks!
Now for the name....any suggestions??

Friday, January 7, 2011

And the verdict is...'s a boy!!

Healthy, normal, adorable, little boy.

We couldn't be happier.

Pictures to follow. =)