Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Overheard in the Christensen basement

Siara: I keep scissors in my room to cut the muslin that I use to wax my armpits

Me: AJ, do you wanna wax your armpits?

AJ (Tyler's 13 year old stepbrother): There's no hair under my armpits!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was at the mall today and walked into Gap just to look around. Lately they've been kind of overpriced and have some weird styles (i.e. the weird short polo shirts from like 1998, and jeans for $80) so I wasn't really expecting to find anything.
The sales associate handed me a little scratch-off promo code and it was worth $25 off a pair of jeans. $80-$25=still too much for Gap jeans.
So I found a really cute cropped pair that was on sale for 24.99, figuring they'd tell me I couldn't use the card on sale items.

Here's the register scenario:
Me: "This card is for $25 off and these are only $24.99, can I use it for this pair?"
Gap guy: "I don't think you can use this on sale items, and I really don't think it would make them cost nothing."
Me: "That's fine I'll just keep the card and come back and look another day"
Gap guy: "Well, let me just try it first really quick" (scans both)
Register: "$0.00"
Gap guy: "Whoa, that's pretty cool."
Me: "Free pants?!"
Gap guy: "It's your lucky day, and that was so cool I'm gonna give you another discount card"

The second card I got was worth $20 off another pair of jeans. I'm paying the good karma forward and giving it to my sister, lest I ruin my streak of luck with selfishness.

A pair of $80 jeans for free makes for a pretty good trip to the mall.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Between husband and wife

Austin: "I promise that when we have a real house you can have a huge greenhouse"

Me: "Well I don't need a HUGE greenhouse, just one big enough to grow some tomato plants"

Austin: "Yeah and poinsettas. And then at Christmas we can give them away to people we like, and we'll make the people we don't like buy them from us"

Me: "No we'll just give them to the people we don't like because they're poisonous"

Austin: "Yeah dry them out and make poisoned poinsetta tea"

Me: "Who do we really dislike enough to want to give poisioned tea to?"

Austin: thinks carefully for several seconds..."{name of current acquanitance that we cannot stand, but cannot be named on a public blog}"

Me: "Perrrrrfect"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saved by Chanel

I've been having a hard time coping lately.
A more severe breakdown than usual on Monday caused me to go haywire about wanting to quit my job and move away and lock myself in a dank dark basement and not have to interact with humans until the end of time.

No. Exaggeration.

And then a bright light in my Tuesday evening pulled me from my wallowing haze of self-destruction.


Chance Eau Tendre perfume

in a darling little black bag

on a bed of other decadent samples

And this is how I feel.

Thank you Austin.

Thank you Siara.

And at the risk of sounding like a materialistic bitty, it was really the thoughtfulness and generosity of these two very important people in my life that brightened my day/week/month/however long this perfume lasts. Not just the Chanel.

BUT {a little Chanel never hurt anyone}

Monday, May 10, 2010

Did I mention?

Austin had a birthday

With a four layer vanilla cake with chocolate frosting (Magnolia bakery recipe)


Siara had a birthday too!

With classic Gale oatmeal cake

The happy couple


Austin graduated!

It was too windy to get pictures outside. And then I left my camera on video. So we have moving pictures of us....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Can-Can

What you will need:

10 pounds of strawberries

Massive amounts of sugar


Sweet new pressure cooker from your wonderful in-laws

Darling little half pint and pint jars

Lids and rings

The official Ball Canning Guide Book

A mama to call for advice and encouragement

A slight head injury to be crazy enough to try canning in the tiniest kitchen ever

A husband to take embarrassing video of you (optional)
Here's the first batch all filled up


And oh the joyful sound of the popping as the lids seal! My mom told me this was like music to her ears, and The Pioneer Woman called it a blessed symphony. I felt like I was in third grade jumping up and down and counting out loud as each one made it's little POP! The sound of provident living success.

The finished product

Say nice things about me and I'll send you some.

Dear Frankie

This movie is indescribably wonderful.

Please watch it.

You will cry.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pot of Gold

Oh my goodness can you even imagine how delicious this rainbow cake is?

I'm going to throw a party just so I can make this. The colored layers are actual pureed fruit, not just food coloring. And it's covered in whipped cream instead of frosting.


Would you eat a slice??

Monday, May 3, 2010


All naps are not created equal.
There's so many factors that determine the quality of a nap.
The lighting, the comfort of your clothes, the outside noise, how much time you have to nap, your obligations following the nap, how close the nap is to bedtime, the blankets you are under, what you ate prior to the nap, etc. etc.
All variables taken into account, here is a list of my top 5 best naps ever.

1) The day after my high school graduation and the all night senior party. Nap in my extremely comfortable bed in pajamas and loads of pillows. No time limit for the nap, no outside noise, perfect June weather to have the window open. And the peace of knowing high school was over.

2) Freshman year, I had been sick all week and couldn't find any time to rest because it was midterms and I was working. Saturday early afternoon, done with exams, silent dorm hall, surprisingly comfortable dorm bed, sleeping mask. I slept all that day and through the night, 18 hours total. I recorded that one in my journal cause it was so good.

3) Sophomore year, P2 apartment, Sunday afternoon, Lovesac, A&E Pride and Prejudice on in the background. Enough said.

4) The day we arrived in London and had been awake and traveling for almost 24 hours. We hauled all of our bags to our flat, and Rache and I promised we weren't going to go to sleep so that we could adjust to the time change. We both fell asleep on our paper thin mattresses to a perfect London breeze and lots of London traffic and noise. Perfect beginning to one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.

5) Yesterday evening, 6:30-8:30 pm. Typically too close to bedtime to be a perfect nap, but I haven't been able to catch up on sleep for weeks between work and Sunday meetings/responsibilties. Sweatpants, pitch black bedroom, a weekend full of accomplishments behind me. Blissful rest.

What are the best naps you've ever had?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Disaster Averted

Yesterday I spilled nail polish on the carpet in the living room.

The color was "An Affair in Red Square".

It was indeed....red.

Our carpet is most definitely....light beige.

Loss of apartment deposit.....inevitable.

But google to the rescue! I knew I couldn't be the only girl to spill nail polish on the carpet.

Solution to my plight?


A few sprays and some scrubbing and the carpet is like new.

Disaster averted.