Saturday, February 26, 2011

A break from New York posts... give you a bump update. I realized it's been almost six weeks since I last took one. This is starting out my 26th week. I can't believe how fast this whole pregnancy is going now, just 14 more weeks. Maybe one or two less if baby is anxious. =) He's now almost 14 inches and weighs 1 2/3 pounds. He kicks like crazy all day long, but hasn't woken me up at night yet, bless him. Just a couple more weeks until we're officially into the third trimester!

P.S. don't ask me why I always do these pictures with no make up on, and then I look so pale I can't bear to get my face in the shot. Someday I'll take one where I look halfway decent.

Monday, February 21, 2011

N.Y.C. Day 2

Friday was another very cold but very gorgeous New York day.

We started off by finding our way to the Lincoln Center to pick up our opera tickets for that night.

It happened to be Fashion Week while we were there too.

The Metropolitan Opera House


We had planned to find the Manhattan Temple, and then we just accidentally stumbled upon it because it's right outside Lincoln Center. It's so cool how it just blends right in, but it still stands out so much.

Then we headed back to Times Square for a black and white cookie from Roxy (recommended by my bestie Jessa) and to pick up our New York Passes (which I personally highly recommend if you visit)

If you know the Seinfeld reference regarding this cookie you are amazing.

Then we headed to Rockefeller Center

The ice skating rink

The biggest most beautiful Anthropologie store I have ever seen

I'm in love.

Home of one of our favorite TV Shows

And then we did Top of the Rock

The view from the bottom...

The view from the top...

Central Park is seriously HUGE.

The New Year's Eve ball drop

Next stop was the Museum of Modern Art

We saw some of the classics including Warhol, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Lichtenstein

On our way back to Rockefeller Center we stopped off for a quick lunch...classic New York hot dog. It was delicious. Maybe it was just because it's the first hot dog I've had since I've been pregnant, cause it actually looks disgusting in this picture.

Next was the NBC Studio Tour

We are pumped.

Gregory Peck's employment card from when he was a tour guide at NBC. Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

We weren't allowed to take pictures during the tour. There aren't that many sets to see since so many shows are filmed in L.A., but we did get to see the SNL set, and saw Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand rehearsing for the next night's show, our only celeb sighting during our trip! We also got to see the Today show set and the NBC Nightly News sets.

On our way home we saw Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall but didn't have time to tour either of them.

Our subway train change took us through Grand Central Station, which is absolutely gorgeous.

We even found a Magnolia Cupcake bakery inside Grand Central. This is the only treat that I knew I had to have while in NYC. But we were in a rush to get ready for the opera and the line was too long

But we did have time to stop for dinner at the iconic Carnegie Deli. We had a hard time even finding time to eat meals, so we figured we had to make each one something delicious, and this place came highly recommended by my mama.

Austin had never had pastrami, so what better place to try it than at the Carnegie Deli? About 3/4 of that was left over.

Then it was back to our city home to get ready for the Met. Uptown to the hotel and back downtown to Lincoln Center.

The opera house all lit up

It was opening night of Don Pasquale, so it was sold out and completely packed. It's unbelievable how many people the house holds. They are super strict about taking pictures, so this is the only decent shot of the inside that I got. The building is so beautiful and the actual theater is incredible. They have these screens in front of each seat that interprets the words for you so that you can actually understand the story. I'm glad we decided to see a comedy because we were exhausted after such a long day, and it would have been hard to stay awake for a romance or tragedy.

After the opera we headed home at around 11:30 pm. Apparently after 11 the normal uptown trains stop running because of construction. We managed to get ourselves onto an A train that dropped us at the right street, but about 5 avenues away from our hotel. So we had to walk. At midnight. By Central Park. On the West side. I guess everyone needs a scary New York mugging adventure right? Luckily we made it home alive, and we've never been so happy to be back in such a tiny little room.

Stay tuned for day 3 and even MORE pictures...if you can handle it!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

N.Y.C. Day 1

As I finally got around to uploading our New York pictures today, I found that we had taken over 500 while we were there. Considering how long Blogger takes to upload just one photo, I'll just give a sampling here on the blog. And to make it a more reasonable task, we'll just do one day at a time! So here is our first day in the big city.

Our hotel was a pretty big question mark for us. When you search "cheap" and "New York City" on travelocity, it's really just a big gamble as to what you're going to get. So we were relieved to find that it did not smell weird, it was clean, and there were no bedbugs. Although it was absolutely tiny.

It even had the classic NYC exposed brick wall that I love.

We were also very happy to find out that there was a subway stop literally right outside the door of our hotel.

We stayed on the upper west side on 103rd St. via the #1 train. In case you want to go see it.

We got there in time to put in for the Wicked ticket lottery the first night. It was FREEZING and we had to stand outside forever waiting to put our names in. We did not win. Apparently you have to be Asian to win this lottery.

So we went to walk off our defeat at Times Square.

Drowning my sorrows that we didn't get to see Wicked.

Then we were starving from our travels, so we ate our first authentic New York slice of pizza. I couldn't even get a picture before I took a bite, it was that delicious.

And that sums up our first 5 hours in the city! There are more pictures that have us in them on days 2 thru 4, I promise!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Baby

We've been doing a lot of preparation for this baby as of late. The time seems to be flying, putting me and Austin both into panic mode to be prepared, lest we bring him home and have nothing to offer.

Baby clothes have been accumulating rather quickly since we found out we are having a boy, so first order of business was to get a dresser to put them all in. Here is our $20 D.I. dresser before....

After a few stabilizing nails and some nautical painting work...

With plenty of drawers to house his future wardrobe

But where will this well-dressed little man sleep? In the crib that his crazy mama almost managed to build all by herself. I had to claim defeat when it wouldn't fit through the hallway into his room.

And how will baby get home? In this darling unisex colored, high safety rated car seat!

How will his mama push this car seat around? When it's attached to this amazingly lightweight stroller.

What will he have to do around here all day? Read lots of stimulating literature.

When he wakes up in the morning, what will he have to look at? Pictures of Elizabeth City and some of beautiful Washington (coming soon)

We hope that baby Mason approves whole-heartedly of our preparations, and rewards us by sleeping through the night, crying only when he has a good reason, and only going through 2-3 diapers a day.

Not gonna happen??

Well, I guess we will love him anyway.