Saturday, October 2, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

I love October.

General Conference, my Birthday, Halloween, colorful leaves on the trees, crisp Fall weather, scarves and boots, Honeycrisp apples, I love it all.

Ashton gave me my first Birthday/Halloween present of the season today, and I'm pretty much
ecstatic about it.

A darling Halloween quilt!!

Yesterday I also got a little early Birthday treat in the mail. I used to be moderately anti-Uggs, but when a glitch in the Nordstrom computer made these $40 instead of $140, how could I not get them??

My plans for the afternoon include sweatpants, those incredibly comfy boots, and my new quilt, on the couch watching conference.

There may or may not be ice cream involved as well.

Happy Fall everyone!!