Saturday, February 11, 2012

8 Months Old

Oh my goodness I can't believe it's time for this post! Eight months old. Where has my tiny little babe gone?? Mason gets more darling with every passing day. We spend our days cheering on his little achievements and soaking up every blissful moment of Mason babyness.
Here's an update on all the little man happenings:
This kid is moving like a little monster lately. He can push off his tummy back up to sitting, and he does a pretty great downward dog with hands and feet on the floor and his little bum straight up in the air.
He can crawl backward, sideways, and somehow get all over the room. But he hasn't mastered the classic forward crawl yet.
He can pull himself from sitting to standing when properly motivated.
He's gotten strong enough to put up a serious resistance if he doesn't want to get into his car seat. The back arch, stiff limbs, angry growl.
He loves being outside, and we have a beautiful walking trail along the Snake River that we've been able to enjoy a few times. The weather here is generally beautiful clear skies, but still very cold!
He can say "papa" and "mama" but not always intentionally, mostly just babbling. He's said both in context though. This morning I walked past him out of the room and he gave a nice wailing "maaamaaa". It was so sweet. Someday the whining "mom" yell will drive me crazy, so I'll enjoy it while it's still a novelty!
He claps his hands now, and he's started to mimic it when we do it.
He also likes to "sing" whenever he hears someone else doing it. So during church he's always doing a really loud wailing singing sound when we're singing hymns. It's pretty cute.
He still has just two teeth, but it doesn't slow down his chowing down on solids He loves just about anything we give him. He'll resist at first, but eventually enjoys most everything. Except green beans, that hasn't been going so well.
We are so proud of our growing little man!