Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gone to Carolina

Ohh for heaven's sake, has it really been this long since I last blogged??  Well this little announcement will serve as my excuse...

We are moving to North Carolina!

Yeah, we just moved to Idaho. Well 8 months ago now. But this is definitely a move we did not plan to make so soon. Austin received an amazing job offer in Raleigh. We tried to turn it down, a couple of times actually.  But the offer just kept getting better and in the end we couldn't say no.

We are leaving Idaho the first week of September and will be driving to Utah for a couple of days and then Austin will drive the moving truck the rest of the way while I fly with the babe. We considered driving the whole thing together. And then we came to our senses and faced the reality that we have a 14 month old who does NOT like to be in his car seat for more than ten minutes max. So my gallant husband will be doing the remaining 30 hours of driving on his own.

I have spent the last three weeks cleaning and packing and spending about 8 hours a day on the phone making arrangements to move across the country.

We are so excited about this too because we are going to be able to buy a house!!!!  I can't even begin to describe how grown up that makes us feel. We thought we would buy a house here, but for some reason Lewiston doesn't believe in houses that have more than one bathroom. Or that were built post-1892.

Anyway, blogging might be sporadic during this transition. I am still planning on doing a recap of all of our summer vacation adventures. Austin will be out of town for work until Monday so I'll have some free time on my hands and maybe I'll take a packing break to upload some of the 700 (seriously) pictures that we took.

For now...here's a little sneak preview.