Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reserving my right to be a crazy aunt

All aunt bias aside, this is the cutest baby that has ever existed. She's not only adorable, she is the sweetest friendliest little girl. She hardly ever whines, and so she is pleasant and fun to be around all the time. So here's about a million pictures/videos of the few days I spent in California with baby Bailey!

Fish lips! A family favorite

Not a fan of her "bib"

Aunt Shayla

Nana finally wrestled her wild mane into a french braid, much to Miss Bailey's chagrin

Uncle Seth at the soccer game

Uncle Shane, aka "Baby"

This picture is priceless. Makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Not sure if she's having fun or not...

One of our only attempts at a picture together, all she wants is her milk!


Bailey and Nana

It's a full time job keeping her out of trouble

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Friend April. My Best Friend April.

Dang. April is the best person I know. She's my best friend. I like her a lot and am glad she was born by her mother. I'm going to make her hamburgers and spaghetti and pizza for dinner and blue bell vanilla ice cream for dessert.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keep your friends close....

Netflix is the best thing that's ever happend to me, and also my greatest enemy.

The BFF side of our relationship includes streaming all the watch instantly movies/shows to our Playstation 3. This means thousands of movies and episodes of shows that I've missed. Hours upon hours upon hours of endless entertainment whenever we want it. We signed up for it 6 days ago and already I have watched two full seasons of Weeds, two documentaries, and three movies. Plus a season and a half of Dexter.

This brings me to the arch nemesis side of my Netflix. I am now officially lazy. Prior to adding this invention to my life, I would maybe flip through the channels once in a while. If nothing was on, which is usually the case with regular archaic cable TV, I'd sit down and read a book. Or clean my house. Or go to the gym. Or run some errands.

I am now living in a messy house, I'm losing my ability to read because it's been so long, and my gym pass is gathering dust.

All while I sit and watch shows I don't even care about. Just because they're there. Seriously. I've never watched a single episode of Lost, and suddenly all 5 seasons are in my Watch Instantly Queue. I've just never had such complete access to so much. I haven't gone to bed before midnight in days.

If you don't hear from me for a while, please come dig me out of my basement home and pry the remote out of my hand.

{I hope this is just a phase}

Monday, February 15, 2010

You have permission to judge me.

Is anyone out there still even bothering to make the obligatory daily visit to my pathetic blog, only to find the same post heading glaring at the top of the page? Not to mention the "New Year's" background giving away how long it's actually been since I've posted. I would say sorry but I'm not sure that anyone's really losing sleep over my hiatus. But here we go again! A long awaited Christmas blog. I will admit it is midnight, so this is going to be lots of pictures with little commentary. You'll get the gist of it. More clever text is promised in my next installment.

Even people who live in basements celebrate Christmas.

We baked lots of treats. This concoction Austin is making me hold was not good.


The Keaton's know how to decorate for Christmas

Look at that beautiful blue holiday sky

This cat is spoiled. Really. He sleeps on a heating pad.

Back to Utah snow

And back to a dead Christmas tree. We gave her a proper burial.

And then I did the London puzzle my parents gave me. It was fun, which makes me a nerd.