Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alma Mater

I am already pretty proud to be a Cougar Alum. It was a huge accomplishment and a goal I had been looking forward to since we visited campus when I was about 4 and wore my first pink BYU shirt. But last night I was even more proud of my Cougs! I never really enjoy too much football, but I will love watching this season. It makes me wish I still had money (and the student discount) to watch the games like this...

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Working Girl's Lament

Ohh that blessed day of being paid. It only comes every two weeks, and I count it down like children do to Christmas. But somehow, I always seem to end up shocked and shaken at how miniscule my paycheck seems. After all those long hours of burdensome slavery, I always have a glimmer of hope that I'll be better compensated than last time. Withdrawals for my Roth 401K and our Health Savings Account are always expected. But alas, FICA-SS and FICA-Med are getting paid almost as much as I am. A fund I pay into but will never get anything out of. So I'd just like to thank our massive government, for dipping into my pockets every pay period and taking whatever they'd like from me. I truly enjoy supporting those who work the system into getting food stamps, WIC, medicaid, welfare, etc. etc. etc.
I'm sure everyone taking from those programs qualifies for it...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You Notes

Dear Pandora radio:
Thank you for saving me from dying of boredom when I have to scan all day at the Lehi clinic. My Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Postal Service, Jewel, and Lifehouse stations in particular keep me sane.

Dear Cafe Rio:
Thank you for really cheap and really good Mexican Tortilla Soup.

Dear Down East Outfitters:
Thank you for my adorable red Diesel jeans that only cost me $13.37. I think the original retail price of $150 was too much anyway.

Dear Austin:
Thank you for driving all the way up here to meet me for lunch on Tuesdays. You are very sweet and I am lucky you are mine.

Dear Rachel and Ashton:
Thank you for emailing me all day while I'm at work. I get excited when I see "Gmail-Inbox(1)" at the bottom of my screen.

Dear Jess:
Thank you for writing cute stories on your blog that I get to give my feedback on. It's like a choose your own ending book, and I miss those.

Dear work:
Thank you for blocking Facebook on our computers. I am much more productive, even though I hate to admit it. Facebook is overrated anyway.

Dear Pip:
Thank you for sleeping on my pillow every night and waking me up by shoving your paws in my face when you stretch. It really is quite thoughtful of you.

Dear Corolla:
Thank you for not using too much gas. It's real expensive these days, and I am pretty poor. I'm glad you only need to be fed every couple of weeks.

Dear Mommy:
Thank you for giving birth to me in October. I love sharing my day with Fall and Halloween and General Conference, and I am really excited about it now that it's getting close. And thanks for being my mom.